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Early Lunch at M Wells

_MG_5711 - Version 2

Last week, in my post-corporate afterglow, I took the opportunity to return to M Wells, the site of my amazing birthday dinner. I'd heard great things about the brunch menu and had to see what it was all about. The timing turned out to be perfect as, just the day before, the eccentric Long Island City diner announced that it would be closing up shop due to a rent hike.

I met up with my friend Emily, one of the many awesome people I met at the Foodspotting events this spring. She has also recently left the land of the day job and is pursuing her own projects.

We didn't gorge ourselves the way that Eric and I did back in June, but we ate pretty well. See the courses after the jump.


Our first snack was a biscuit topped with peach butter. I've never heard of such a thing, but now I need to find it again.


The pickled pork tongue was tangy and tender, but still had a nice firmness in texture.

_MG_5645 - Version 2

Emily had a grilled cheese sandwich, which includes a large pat of foie gras inside. It's a little ridiculous, but hey, it works.

_MG_5634 - Version 2

I had the rather interesting spaghetti sandwich - spaghetti bolognese packed together and seemingly fried - although not breaded - topped with tomato sauce and served on garlic bread. It was ridiculous and delicious and, yes, a little weird.

_MG_5659 - Version 2

The spaghetti held tightly together until I bit into it. In my mouth, the pasta slipped apart and, except for the crispy edges, felt exactly like I had been eating a place of spaghetti.

It was very tasty, but also very filling. I only just had some of the second half and had no room whatsoever for the maple pie I had my heart set on.


As we were leaving, these doughnuts were also pretty tempting, but I couldn't eat another thing.

_MG_5584 - Version 2

The good news of the day was that they already have a new location lined up and just need to build it out. Hopefully that means they'll be back up and running soon after they close at the end of the month.

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