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Hong Kong: Tsui Wah


In our first week in Hong Kong, we passed by branches of the Tsui Wah chain more than a few times without realizing that it was another of the cha chaan tang tea houses, like Lon Fong Yuen (basically diners), that we'd read about. Thankfully, we discovered it in time to stop in a couple times before we headed home.

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Where Lon Fong Yuen was more of a greasy spoon, the more widespread Tsui Wah reminds me more of a Denny's. That's not usually a selling point when I'm traveling, but when exploring another culture, it's fun to discover even the more commercial aspects.

Our first visit was on the cusp of lunch and breakfast was still being served. As usual in such cases, Tammi went with a breakfast option, while I chose something lunchier.


Again, I went for the milk tea, while Tammi went with a tea/milk coffee. Both were served in these cute teacups that I'm sure would irritate me if I came across them at home, but didn't bother me in the slightest 8,000 miles away.


Tammi had a breakfast combination platter that included a large bowl of noodle soup with her scrambled eggs.


She also got one of Tsui Wah's signature dishes, the milk bun, a roll, split and toasted, and topped with a drizzle of condensed milk. It was absolutely brilliant.


In the Des Voeux Road branch in Central at least, the bakery is a big part of the shop. They have a window out on the street in front where they sell fresh baked milk buns and other pastries.

_MG_6111 - Version 2

I had the Hainanese Mutton Lunch combo, which came with chunks of meat in broth and a side of rice.


There was another branch up at The Peak, a saving grace, really. We decided to go here instead of Bubba Gump's.


Tammi had what she still considers a revelation: French toast, cut into strips and topped with ice cream. It's actually astonishing that ice cream and French toast are served together more often. It's a combination that just works.

_MG_0056 - Version 2

We also had another order of that awesome toast roll with condensed milk because I had to have it.

As much as I love hunting down the obscure and out of the way hidden gems, sometimes the big, ubiquitous places can offer a unique and tasty experience as well.

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