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Learning about fish at Eataly's Pesce

_MG_0773 - Version 2

As I've said in years past, I don't really do resolutions as such, but on my list of things to learn more about for the last couple of years has been cooking and eating fish. Yeah, yeah, health blah blah blah. It's good for me, but it's also a whole area of food that up until now I've been woefully unfamiliar about.

So, the week before Christmas, Tammi and I took a break from shopping and stopped in at Eataly for lunch at Pesce, the seafood restaurant by Esca chef, Dave Pasternack. Check out the courses after the jump...

_MG_0785 - Version 2
We started out with a shrimp crudo that was ok for the first couple of bites, but was soon overwhelming in it's texture. The shrimp were tender to the point of mushiness and the sauce around it ended up feeling a little slimy after a little while. Not a win.

_MG_0799 - Version 2

The rest of the meal was pretty great though. Tammi got a fillet of ... something. Knowing one sort of fish from another will probably be the most difficult part in my seafood learning plan. Unlike pork and beef and chicken and lamb where there's only one or two designations, fish has a million of them. Until I get it all figured out, forgive me if I call it all... fish.

_MG_0808 - Version 2

Like my butterflied whole fish, which had a crispy seared skin and nice little pockets of tender flesh in the cheeks and belly. The bones throughout the rest were a little bit of a challenge, but generally worth it. Pesce was a good place to gather inspiration and as I attempt to work more fish into my repertoire, I think I'll head back regularly for ideas.

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