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Philly: Tapas Dinner at Bar Ferdinand

_MG_1010 - Version 2

The night before the marathon last weekend in Philadelphia, Tammi and I spent the evening hanging out in Northern Liberties. We had some drinks at Swift Half and Standard Tap and had a dinner of tapas at Bar Ferdinand.

Check out the course by course after the jump.

_MG_0964 - Version 2

We started with an empanada filled with bacon and dates. The presentation was a nice twist on the typical skewers and the filling was that great blend of sweet and salty and smoky.

_MG_0972 - Version 2

The pork sandwich was awesome. I mean, it's shredded pork jammed into a roll with caramelized veggies and mustard. How could it go wrong?

_MG_0986 - Version 2

The only misstep of the meal was probably the fried gruyere topped with frozen apple foam. I think I'm just not that into foams. It was sort of like a fluffy sorbet on top of the block of chewy, but not gooey cheese. I didn't even realize it was cheese until Tammi pointed it out.

_MG_0993 - Version 2

To show that we are capable of eating and enjoying vegetables that aren't dressings for meat, we had a side of brussels sprouts which I always love.

_MG_1000 - Version 2

Grilled octopus is pretty straightforward. I almost always enjoy it, but with some ridiculously good exceptions, it's most often the same: firm, but not tough, chewy with a mild fish flavor.


For dessert, Tammi went with the churros which were perfect. Churros always tempt me, but after a few disappointments with some procured from subway vendors, I expect them to be flaky and dry. This was anything but. The exterior was crisp enough for a slightly crunchy bite, the inside was soft, warm and chewy.


Comparatively, my arroz con leche wasn't nearly as amazing, but I enjoyed it.

Overall, it was a really good meal. Next time we're in the area, we'll definitely check it out again.

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