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Analog: Shooting with the Kiev 88


In my exploration in shooting analog, medium format has fascinated me. That's most likely because it's sort of arcane and the frames are big and square. Unfortunately, I've had a pretty unfortunate track record shooting 120mm film - thus far at least. That's finally starting to change thanks to the the Kiev 88.

Read more about the Kiev after the jump and see photos I've taken with it on Analog UltraClay all week.


When I won all that film in the Ektar contest, I chose to get something like 60 of my 300 rolls in 120mm just so I could force myself to play with it more. This time, though, I wanted to try shooting with a non-toy camera to give it an honest try.

Though I managed to get some gems with my Holga (which I hope to revisit soon), shooting without a meter or varying shutter speeds and apertures just confounds me. It requires exactly the sort of trial and error shooting that I is worthwhile in digital, but that just annoys me with film.

---_0645 - Version 2

A friend loaned me this Kiev 88, a Soviet-era Hasselblad knock off.

After over a dozen failed attempts, I finally i finally got the hang of how to load film into the Kiev 88. The trick, in case you're curious, is that the film should feed out under the roll, rather than over. I try to put up an instructional post soon with a bit more technical detail on how to get the thing working.

If you're interested in reading more on the Kiev 88, I'd highly recommend checking out I Still Shoot Film on Tumblr.

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