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Nneka at Highline Ballroom

The last few weeks have involved a lot of burning the candle at both ends, shooting late night shows and getting up bright and early to get to the office. Sooner or later I'm going to crash, but for now, enjoy the photos.

Monday night, I was in the meatpacking district shooting Afro-German singer, Nneka and Sierra Leone rap group Bajah + Dry Eye Crew, who I saw on one of my earliest shoots last year.

_MG_9998 - Version 2

The next day, I was at Brooklyn Bowl covering the monthly Talib Kweli and Friends show. Despite a late start that had some in ill spirits and me wondering how I was going to wake up in the morning, the show was worth the wait. Having grown up with 90's Hip-hop, I was blown away by the guests he brought through that night. The whole Boot Camp Click was on stage rocking Who Got The Props, Bucktown and more. Mister Man, of the much slept-on Bush Babees came through performing his verse from Fortified Live with Kweli. I definitely want to go next month just to see who else he'll manage to bring out.

After the jump, MJ Impersonators, elaborately fake rockstars, mermaids playing with fire and more.

Veronica Varlow plays with fire

The Mermaid Lagoon in Bushwick was a performance party that included dancers, musicians and even acrobats coming together to raise money for oceanic causes. I missed acrobats, but the part that got me really excited was Veronica Varlow's fire dance. Shooting by firelight is always good for warm, dramatic light and amazing shadows. It was vesually stunning and I think my captures of it came out pretty well.

The bride takes a dive

One of the more ridiculous events I've covered for Examiner was the Air Guitar Regional Championship in the spring. The other day, I was contacted by Examiner to cover the national contest and I couldn't pass it up. The event is totally ridiculous and really a lot of fun.

_MG_3221 - Version 2

After it was all over Tammi said she didn't see the appeal. I described it like this: Imagine Karaoke where you don't actually have to sing and you can jump and dance and vamp like your favorite rock stars to a packed house. She got it.

From a photographer's point of view it's awesome. The contestants are all hamming it up, jumping around, diving into the crowd and performing in a way that is perfect for the camera.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/ultraclay/4740745168/" title="Michael Jackson impersonator at The Freedom Party by ultraclay!, on Flickr">Michael Jackson impersonator at The Freedom Party

Going back a little to June, Herbert Holler's Freedom Party celebrated Michael Jackson and the costumes, face paint, excessive zippers and fake leather were out in force.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/ultraclay/4844967765/" title="Detroit's Invincible at Generation Next by ultraclay!, on Flickr">Detroit's Invincible at Generation Next

There has been plenty more going on of late, including the Generation Next show of up and coming Hip-Hop acts (above) and I Love Vinyl's return to Brooklyn (below), which included all sorts of breakdancing. To keep up, check out my column regularly or subscribe.

Breakdancing at I Love Vinyl in Brooklyn

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