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Recently on Examiner: Drinking in Brooklyn and the Freedom Party

A new Hot Bird rises from the ashes

If there was much of a theme at all in my last couple weeks of posts it was Brooklyn Bars. Besides the regular Brokelyn 25 series that I've gotten moving again, I've also posted about a few new choice spots to imbibe that have opened up recently. Above is Hot Bird, which I lucked into on its second night open. I basically got the first shots of the space and thus ended up on Brownstoner and Eater. The place looks pretty amazing, so I expect to spend quite a bit of time there this summer.

See what else I've been posting about after the jump...

The Black Swan brings a better beer selection to Bed-Stuy.

I also covered the newly opened Black Swan, a restaurant on Bedford, near Lafayette in the general "Pratt Area" of Bed-Stuy. Tammi and I stopped in to hang out last weekend and discovered that they've got a pretty great selection of beer, wine and liquor. I ended up posting about that as well. I hope to be back pretty soon to try out the food. More on that to come.

_MG_3264 - Version 2

For the Brokelyn 25, I've posted about No. 7 in Fort Greene, above, Pacific Standard and The Bell House, given all the time I've spent there lately.

_MG_2042 - Version 2

I didn't cover much in the way of shows and parties, but there were two events recently. I finally attended The Freedom Party, Herbert Holler's Friday night dance party at Le Poisson Rouge. That was a huge amount of fun, in no small part because Tammi came out with me and had a blast. DJ Mister Cee, who spun for Biggie and Big Daddy Kane way back when played an amazing set taking it all over the place from old school to reggae to classics.

Edible Brooklyn hosts Brooklyn Uncorked at BAM

Finally and most recently, I went to the Brooklyn Academy of Music to photograph the fourth annual Brooklyn Uncorked, hosted by Edible Brooklyn. The event reminded me of my beginnings in this blog world. Three years ago, I went to their first event for Brooklyn Record. I'v been reflecting a bit on how far I feel like I've gotten since that point, when this blog was new and I was just beginning to feel my way around.

Looking at my post about the event from back then, I notice that they managed to improve a lot about the event from the first time around. Besides the crowds being much more manageable, the food was fantastic, coming from restaurants like Gramercy Tavern and Dressler. The wine selection had also improved, to a degree. I complained in 2007 that there were basically only 3 wines on hand from any of the given vineyards, a merlot, a cab franc and a blend (usually of merlot and cab franc, with one or two other varietals barely perceptible.) While there was still a basic set of grapes on hand, each of the growers did a much better job of showing variety, which I appreciated. Still, at the end of the event, I did run to The Greene Grape and pick up a nice bottle of Zinfandel to change it all up a bit on my palate.

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