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Butchery: Tools of the Trade

Fleisher's: The Tools of the Trade

_MG_1771 - Version 2

Whenever I'm behind the counter shooting for my butchery series, I'm always fascinated with the various tools on hand. Visually, they're so interesting and they're used for tasks I'd never imagined about.

After the jump a primer on the some of the tools, widgets and gadgets that I found while up at Fleisher's for From Pig to Pork.

_MG_1370 - Version 2

The scraper is used to pull fragments of of chipped bone fragments off of the surface of steaks and chops after they're cut with the bandsaw.

Meat tenderizer

There are a number of gadgets that tenderize meat. This one is spring loaded and full of spikes that perforate the meat, tearing into the sinews and such.

_MG_1766 - Version 2

There's also the more traditional mallet, which I remember being fascinated with when I was a kid.

_MG_1402 - Version 2

The steels they used were different than any I've seen, flat and textured instead of cylindrical.

_MG_1649 - Version 2

Until about a year ago when my Kitchenaid kicked it, I had been into grinding my own meat at home for some time. So, I was particularly interested in seeing the larger scale version and all the parts that go into it. The swirling bit in the middle always makes me think of some cartoonish drilling machine.

_MG_1822 - Version 2

This scraping tool is not butchery-specific. Used for pastries and kitchen cleaning, it's one of those small items that can do a lot of work. I saw it used mostly at Fleisher's at the end of the day for cleaning the work space, but I've often considered it at home for non-butchery related duties.

_MG_0891 - Version 2

It always looks pretty badass when someone starts hacking through flesh and bone with a handsaw. It always makes me think of a scene out of a gangster movie or something. Typically, they are only used to get through the thick, bony sections like the backbone.

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