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Philly: SEPTA Stations

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I've often found that Philadelphia takes me back to the New York of my youth. No more so than in the never ending stations of the SEPTA. In Center City, the stations along the Broad Street line literally stretch for so long that you can walk through the mezzanine level from one station to the next. We accidentally did this when we were there over the summer and took a wrong turn.

The spaces are wide open and creepily empty. They remind me of some stations in New York back when I was a kid. My station, then and now, Utica Avenue on the A Train used to have a vast dark space between the two ends of the station. The spaces were first gated off and eventually bricked over and turned into storage and I understand why. Walking through here at 2am doesn't seem wise.

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I haven't decided if the climate control is better or worse. Hot stagnant air is shoved around violently by big dusty fans in the faces of any and everyone nearby. In the dead of the summer, it's certainly an improvement on the sweltering heat that dominates the New York system, but really, by how much is up for debate.

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