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Bolt Bus to DC

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This weekend, Tammi and I headed down to DC for a quick weekend out of town. When we visited in the spring, we ran into another shitshow at JFK. Boarding was a mess and our flight was delayed so long that we didn't take off until about the time we were supposed to be landing. Total travel time from leaving the office to landing was charitably 5 hours.

So, this time around, I conceded that flying wasn't actually quicker. Tammi took the bus down the first time she went this year and had good things to say about that. I've resisted.

I swore off long distance bus travel after spending far too much time on Peter Pan through college. I can't stand taking the bus. It's cramped and smelly and generally unpleasant.

But in recent years, these new lines like Bolt Bus and Megabus have popped up. They offer direct service and free wifi and are priced at $40 rt. It's a good deal. I can't argue with it.

I have to admit, the experience wasn't awful. The bus didn't reek of the fetid toilet chemicals that even now haunt me 10 years later. So, that's a plus.

Having wifi on the bus helped pass the time, but an outlet would have been helpful.

And, though I wouldn't call it comfortable, there was slightly more legroom than I recall from back in the day.

That said, we got all of one block away from the pick up spot when we had to pull over for half an hour while the bus driver fought with the door to the luggage rack which apparently wouldn't close.

Sloughing through traffic isn't quick, but once we were on the road, we did make it in about the predicted time, arriving just before 10pm.

I can't say the experience won me over, but I suppose I would consider doing it again...

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