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Endless Summer


Hipsters get a bad rap. Seriously. I mean, fine. They're clothes are hideous, they do dumb things, like join flash mobs and they have absolutely no perspective on the world outside of their little bubble. Also, they've ruined irony for the rest of us. And they run up rents, because their parents are paying for them to live here, unlike the rest of us. But, you know what? It's ok. Really. Well, mostly. Because they love food, booze, music and art. And I can't be mad at that. Even if the music is rarely my thing. It's the principle.

What brought on this sudden surge of hipster love? Two words: Taco Truck.

The other night, I wandered through Williamsburg, after spending the evening at a crowded gallery and an empty new beer bar (more on that to come) and there was the Endless Summer Taco Truck serving up exactly what I needed: A Chorizo Taco. I stood there on Bedford, salivating, while they hooked me up with some spicy, meaty, wonderful goodness. And all was right with the world.

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