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Deja Vu

Deja Vu, originally uploaded by ultraclay!.

When I got on the crowded A train this morning and saw an empty spot on the inside bench, I jump for it. Then I saw the whole thing.

With the gloom and doom of the economy in the news, we all see indicators of bad times every day.

But this jarred me, if only for a moment because it took me back to the New York of my childhood. Seeing this man laid out with no where else to go and the rest of us standing there annoyed, staring, then not staring, then forgetting he was there reminded me of how long it has been since it was a common sight.

It also reminded me that over the last 15 years we've all been fighting about gentrification and glorifying the New York of the past for its grit and character and mocking the Disney-fication of this place or that.

I miss a lot about the City I grew up in, and god knows I'm sick of the high-rise luxury condos. But there's a lot I don't miss and I really hope we can avoid seeing it all over again.

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