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Cabrito, Jalisco Style


When I heard that Provisions was going to be getting an entire baby goat, I knew I had to have some. Goat has been on my list of meats I would like to learn how to cook for a little while now. I first tried this recipe last year with an adult goat, but found it way too gamy. Using kid, it was perfect.

The meat was moist and flavorful, but with no gaminess. Tammi, who was entirely apprehensive about eating goat, loved it.

No step-by step this time around, but here's the broad strokes of the recipe, which is adapted from Rick Bayless' Mexican Everyday after the jump...


I used a 2 pound boneless kid goat shoulder, which is how Provisions prepped the meat (The recipe called for a 3 pound bone-in shoulder). Place it in the slow cooker over a bed of halved potatoes and cover with a marinade of dried chile powder, cumin, garlic, water and cider vinegar. For the chile powder, I ground a mix of arboles and a chipotle.


Fill the crock with enough water to cover the potatoes and about a quarter of the way up the goat. Cook slow and low until tender.

Once cooked, it was time to make the sauce. First, I reduced a large can of fire roasted crushed tomatoes until it thickened significantly, then poured in the cooking water. By this point it had turned into a flavorful broth, mixing in the juices from the goat, the spices of the marinade and the starch of the potatoes. At this point, it all just needed to mix, not really reduce, so once it came to a boil, it was done.

I served it up with a chunk or two of potato, chopped shreds of meat and then ladled in the broth. I finished it off with a squeeze of lime, which added a tartness that went beautifully with the spice.

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