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A first look at Smorgasburg


While the entire world was making rapture jokes, the food obsessed among us were making what could have been our last eating pilgrimage to the Williamsburg waterfront. If you haven't heard about it, the folks behind the Brooklyn Flea have expanded their food offerings into a new weekly event focused entirely on food called Smorgasburg.

Over the years, the Flea has become a destination as much for its food options than any of the actual market items, so it's no surprise to see a spin off like this. I know I was excited about it.See what was on hand after the jump.


Walking in from the North 7th Street side, the market begins with a number of greenmarket stalls selling produce, flowers and breads. Beyond that, you get to some of the more familiar tents, including Porchetta and Asia Dog among others. I was also psyched to see Alyssa from Donna DaVine here getting into the Williamsburg market.


The first of the new food tents to catch my eye was Shorty Tang & Sons, which was selling sesame noodles. Apparently, Shorty Tang's noodles are a bit of New York history. I didn't want to fill up too much with out trying a few dishes, so I left the fairly generous portioned noodles for another day.


One of the vendors I'd been saving room for was the hilariously named Bon Chovie, which was selling fried anchovies. Unfortunately, they ended up having some technical difficulties and lost power to their fryers just before I got to their tent. I know I'll be back to check that out next time.


Next to Shorty Tang's, two ladies named Mimi and Coco (at least that's what their shirts say) were selling teriyaki balls. These look just like takoyaki, the fried octopus balls I've loved in the past, but filled instead with options of sausage, potato or shrimp. It's intriguing and another I'll have to try.


Ok, so that's plenty of food I didn't eat at Smorgasburg, now onto some of the deliciousness I did have. The Meat Hook brought out some of their awesome housemade hot dogs and sausages. If I had nothing else there, I knew I had to get in on that.


In honor of The End Days, they were serving up the Rapture Dog, a regular smoked hot dog, stuffed with a line of cheddar cheese in the middle. The dog itself was delicious and smokey and the cheese was gooey and perfect. So. Good.


By this point, around 12:30pm, it was starting to get crowded and I wanted to get out before it filled up too much. I got my last snack from these folks at bite size kitchen, who were selling various skewers that got my attention.


The red curry chicken skewer was sweet and tender. The short rib skewer was great, too. My only complaint that for $5, this isn't really a lot of food.


I decided to take off before the crowd got too intense. Next time, I'll be sure to get there earlier and bring an appetite for some sustained grazing. Stay tuned.

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