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Lunch: Salt and Pepper

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I've been passing Salt & Pepper by for the last five years. Besides being the type of hole in the wall that is entirely missable, it's also wildly varied in a way I haven't really seen anywhere else.

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The front counter offers Latin and American food, serving everything from cheesesteaks and fried chicken to oxtails and pepper steak. There's also a strong Italian contingent with chicken parm, lasagna and meatballs.

That selection alone is vaguely unusual, but if you can squeeze through the narrow space up front and the tight seating area, you'll find another counter in the back.

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There you'll find an Indian and Pakistani spread with all sorts of options including vegetarian dishes, Naan and various curries like the Goat Curry I tried out. You don't see goat offered in many places, so I had to give it a go.


I grew up with goat as a regular dish at home, so I don't think of it as very unusual, but I guess it's not so common. You'll almost always find it braised in a strongly flavored sauce, like curry, which makes the expected gaminess unnoticeable.

If you can't get past the whole goat thing, there's chicken and fish and lamb along with a number of vegetarian options if that's your thing.

See more photos of the space after the jump.

Salt & Pepper, 139 West 33rd Street, between 6th and 7th. 212.268.1919

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i work down the block from here. i have been afraid to go in there. so how was it? you forgot to say that in your post.

Hey, you're right, I didn't.

I thought it was very good. The goat, strongly flavored with curry, wasn't excessively gamy. The rice on the side was perfect for sopping up the curry gravy. I even liked the cauliflower that I got as a side veg.

On a previous visit, I also tried the roast chicken, which is similar to many of the latin rotisserie chicken places around town. The piece I had was slightly dry, but it's so gorgeous, I'd definitely give it another try.

I'm still dubious about much of the rest of the 'American' (read: Italian) food offered, but there's so much else to have there, why would I ever bother with the pasta there?

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