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HB Burger


When I first heard about HB Burger, I was curious. The gimmick is that the burger costs $9, which is relatively cheap for a sit-down burger. The other night I decided to check it out.

Now, unlike a lot of others, I don't really have a huge issue with Heartland Brewery, the local tourist trap brewery with locations in pretty much every terrible place locals try to avoid. Working across the street from one of said attractions, I sometimes find it the lesser of many evils and partake. The beer brewed by The Greenpoint Brewery, the folks who also make Kelso, is pretty good, if not spectacular.

With those caveats, I went into HB Burger without particularly high expectations. Yet I still managed to find myself surprisingly disappointed. The issue wasn't with the quality of the meat or the bread or how well the burger was done. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. My issue from the start was with the size. The burger was just too small to satisfy, but not nearly small enough to get a double or two like one would at Five Guys or In n Out Burger or Burger Joint or even White Castle.

Clearly, the point of this exercise is to encourage the purchase of many toppings or a pile of sides, but I wouldn't give in. So, I left wanting more.

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