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Five Guys Burgers


I vaguely heard about the hoopla a year or two ago, when Five Guys first made it to New York. But, I also heard about the hour-long lines people were willing to stand in to get their burgers. I love burgers. But I'm entirely unwilling to line up for them. It's why I haven't been to Shake Shack in ages. It's dumb. I won't do it.

So, it took a while before I finally tried Five Guys. I have to say, it's glorious.I agree with Guy's assessment from last week, these burgers are the closest I've had to In n Out Burger on the East Coast.

The patties are small enough that, much like In n Out, a double is standard. The meat is so juicy that you'll require a few napkins to maintain some semblance of dignity.

Unlike In n Out, I find a standard double to be perfectly filling. This probably has much to do with the extended list of toppings available. This usually puts me off, given that places that hype their toppings probably aren't paying enough attention to the meat. That's not the case here and I have to say having the option of grilled onions on my burger is great.

They also, as we see here, don't skimp on the cheese. American is the only option, but it's thick and firm even while dribbling down the edges of the burger.

Five Guys also, justifiably, makes a big deal out of their french fries. Every store has a white board up declaring which town the current batch of fries hails from. I don't usually pay much attention to fries in general, but these are pretty good. Most notable to me is that they leave the skin on, which is my favorite part, especially on the crisp ends.


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