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Graffiti of the Day: So Long Georgie

IMG_8219.JPG, originally uploaded by ultraclay!.

Brooklyn, NY. 2004.

On the day that everyone is looking forward, I just want to take a moment to look back at the last 8 years. Not to trash George W. Bush, because that's just so easy. Really, just to realize that he has been president for nearly my entire adult life and what that means. He was 'elected' the year after I graduated from college and now, months after getting married, he's exiting office.

It's been a rough 8 years. There's been terrorism in my home town, war, two recessions, pillars of industry collapsed or are in danger of collapsing, and a hurricane devastated one of the greatest cities in the world. There's been protest and civil liberties violations on a scale we haven't seen since the 60's.

You could think of that as a pretty crappy decade. Yet, over that same time, I've done nearly everything important in my adulthood. I discovered travel, I learned to cook, I rediscovered photography, I've made friends I hope to have for the rest of my life. And of course, above all, I met and married the woman of my dreams.

I can't say how linked any one thing is to any other, but I can't separate them either.

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