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Aspen: The Wild Fig


I've been to The Wild Fig pretty much every year since I started coming out to Aspen. The food is generally Mediterranean with a focus on Southern France. I usually get one of the bigger entrees, like risotto or lamb shanks, which have always had me coming back for more. This time I changed it up a bit and went with the small plates.

I started with a bowl of French Onion Soup, which I recently mentioned is a new favorite dish I picked up over the honeymoon.
Unfortunately, the soup here was surprisingly disappointing. It seemed like it should be perfect. There was a thick layer of gruyere, deeply caramelized onions laying under chunks of sodden chunks of bread. The problem was how the flavors came together or failed to. First, the cheese had the texture I love, but was saltier than I would have liked. The cheese, bread and onions were packed in so tightly that there wasn't much room at all for the actual soup. The liquid that was there was thick and intense, more like a demiglace than a proper broth and there wasn't a lot of it.

My other course was a vast improvement, Clams and Chorizo. Everything came together perfectly here. The flavors and textures perfectly complemented each other making a wonderfully complex dish. Clam juice and tomato broth are boosted by the contrasting smoke from the chorizo. Each bite was an amalgamation of textures, placing chewy clams, firm chorizo and meat cherry tomatoes, cut in half and stewed to bursting.

I've had many good meals at The Wild Fig, so the unusual miss on the Onion Soup was never going to deter me from returning, but if there had been any doubt, the Clams and Chorizo resolved it immediately.

The Wilg Fig
315 East Hyman
Aspen, CO.

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