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Yes We Can!

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It's been a hugely busy couple of weeks and the next few will be as well. But there are two events I cant let pass without some major fanfare.

First and foremost, Tammi ran the New York City Marathon. More on that in a bit.

Second, Barack Obama was elected to the Office of the President of the United States.

Both leave me elated. What an incredible way to usher in the month Tammi and I begin our life together.

This year has been a difficult one on so many levels. Personally, there has been the stress of planning a wedding and juggling obligations to finance, career and family. All the while, that's been mirrored on the national and international level with economic and political struggles that seemed like they would never end. Every obstacle at home, seemed matched by another in the news.

And many of them are still there. I don't say 'Yes, We Did,' like a lot of others, because it's not over. This is just the beginning. There are bound to be more challenges in the future. And with the hope and awe of this moment, I feel like we can do anything.

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