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I first heard about Porchetta, a month ago when Eric sent me a link via IM with the sweetest piece of food porn I had seen in ages. A gorgeous shot of Porchetta's pork sandwich that far surpasses the crappy cameraphone shots in this post. We both clearly had to have it.

So, when they opened, I snuck out of midtown and took a long lunch to meet up with Eric and check it out.

The space is infinitesimal and any publicity at all will doom it to lines much longer than I can ever tolerate. Luckily, we beat the food blogs to it - if only by minutes.

We sat in the window on two of the handful of stools at the counter, loving the crunch of a few pieces of cracklins that topped the sandwich and the fragrant herbiness that underscored every bite into my sandwich. It was small and gone far too soon, but it was amazing.
I also picked here and there at the roasted potatoes, which were allegedly mixed with burnt ends that I never found.

While we ate, a woman with a camera and a tall, grey-haired man walked up to the shop. The camera was an SLR and immediately caught my attention more than the people until Eric said, "That's Ed Levine."

As we ate, his group and the chef, Sara Jenkins chatted in front of the store. I'll skip the foodblog, 'celebrity' gawking and fast forward to late that night or the next, when I found myself on Serious Eats, not as a contributor but as a part of the scenery.


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