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DJ Juice E Spins i2Y

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A couple weeks ago at Habana Outpost Jon introduced me to Emily a.k.a. DJ Juice E, whose spiffy record case is pictured above. She spins for the Sucia party at Madame X on Wednesday nights, which I've been meaning to check out for a while just based on the flyer.

Last week I got an email blast from her about an event she'll be working thrown by a group called i2Y or "I'm too young for this" that offers support and resources for cancer patients under 40 years old. It turns out Emily is a recently recovered cancer survivor herself and has seen many of the benefits a group like this offers.

I can't begin to condense her message out to everyone so I'll post it after the jump, but first, here are the details of the party:

Stupid Cancer Gala NYC '08
Thursday June 19th, 7pm-11pm
Taj Lounge 48 West 21st Street
Tickets: $25 on the Web & $40 at the Door.

Hello everyone!

On Thursday, June 19th I'll be spinning at a very special event- the i2Y Stupid Cancer Gala '08 at the Taj Lounge in NYC. Now pardon this next part- cuz I gotta get long-winded!

As many of you know, I am a cancer survivor currently celebrating just over a year out of treatment. I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer at the age of 26, and it took almost 2 years for me to be properly diagnosed and treated. I've been thru surgeries, chemo and radiation- I've been seen naked by almost every doctor or nurse in NYC- and yes folks, I'm still smiling! For me- my joy and hope came from my friends and family- and my music (BIG surprise there!) The cool thing was, I've met a lot of incredible and inspirational people along the way, and have been lucky enough to inspire others. (Those are all pics from the time of my illness)

I've also lost friends to this disease. And I've met many people who don't have the support systems that I do. Which brings me to why I'm bugging you with this email-

The organization that's throwing this event is called I'm Too Young For This!

Their purpose is to provide support and education to people under 40 yrs old with cancer. Apparently- we're the fastest growing group of cancer patients- and often we're not properly diagnosed since doctors don't expect us to get sick. (Oops) They do this with a major emphasis on arts and media- which works just fine for me! I've met some of the folks- They're very nice young people just like me, and YOU- who've been thru a lot and are trying give something back.

So.... I'm hoping that you (yes YOU!) will help us out and come thru to this event- or at least buy a ticket- they're only $25 (which is less that many of you spend on drinks!) or $40 the night of. There'll be a Happy Hour with raffles, and drinks, and lots of recovering cancer patients.. Oh yeah, and ME! (DJ Juice E) I will be doing my best to rock this party out! If you don't want to buy a ticket, please send a small donation- every little bit helps!! For you working folks, this is an early event, from 7-11 pm so you can still get a good night's sleep, or go check out Jon Oliver at Madame X afterwards!

You can purchase tickets directly at http://events.i2y.com/taj/ or you can contact me to find out how else you can help out. They accept all forms of payment- so even if you have bad credit, they'll still accept your $$!

As always I appreciate the love and support!! Hope to hear from YOU!

Emily Rubin, aka DJ Juice E- DJ, Engineer, Producer and Cancer SURVIVOR!

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