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ATL: Robbed

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ATL: Robbed

Here's a reminder to those of us who are frequent or semi-frequent travelers: be careful with your valuables in the hotel.

After the wedding, when we got back to the hotel, we discovered that Tammi's iPod and Digital Camera were gone.

This is the first time anything like this has ever happened to either of us. I'm usually pretty paranoid about leaving anything of value in the room when I travel, but all this time on the road lately has dulled my instincts, I guess.

What's most unsettling is that, while the ipod was out in the open, the camera was buried in the bottom of the purse. So, whoever did this went rummaging through our stuff looking for something to steal.

Earlier in the day, someone had come in the room to fix the drain in our bathtub and left a note. And of course someone had been in there to clean the room as well. It must of have been one of them that robbed us. You'd think this would be a pretty straightforward thing to figure out, since everyone has to swipe into the room. Yet, when we reported it to the hotel, they didn't have any answers for us.

Tammi filled out the forms they gave her, but almost 2 weeks later, we still haven't heard from them. For the record (and the search engines) this was at the Atlanta Marriott Downtown. Hopefully we'll hear from them at some point, but they've given us no clear idea of what the process is to being compensated for this or whether they were putting any effort into finding the person responsible and ensuring that future guests aren't victims of the same crime.

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