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Mexico City: Day 1

IMG_2689, originally uploaded by ultraclay!.

After our 'early' lunch at Tezka, we started to explore.
Mostly what we discovered that day was the limitations of our maps and that we should pay better attention to which train we get on.

We tried to find Plaza Garibaldi, where a music festival was supposed to be taking place. We hopped the metro to the Garibaldi station. Unfortunately we couldn't find the plaza, and ended up in the middle of a rather sketchy street market, that we later red was called "Thieves Market," known both for its black market and its pickpockets. I decided we could miss the mariachis and we headed back to the metro to go to the Zocalo.
Unfortunately, I mistook the green and grey line for the green line and we ended up god knows where. We eventually made our way to Zocalo, where we walked around the square and saw some of the sites there. I shot a bit of it, but by this time most of the light was gone.
We went upstairs to the roof bar at the top of a craft shop and had a couple rounds while overlooking the Zocalo.
Afterwards, on the way to the Metro, we had our first Tacos al Pastor. More on that amazing food later.

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