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Dinner in Manayunk

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Dinner last night turned out not to be steak, but actually a little better, imo. Apparently all the downtown restaurants were booked up by celebrating Nutters, so our hosts took us out to Jake's in Manayunk.

We had a good meal with the only complaint coming from the guy who ordered the surf and turf. He ended up with just about enough lobster to fill a shot glass, which had been described on the menu as half a one pound lobster. When he complained, he received an additional teaspoon of lobster meat.

I had a Foie Gras starter and a Venison entree. I'm not sure how I feel about Venison in general, I keep trying it out with mixed results. Last night's meat was was perfectly done, but there was still a slight gaminess that I wasn't quite into. It may be that Bambi just isn't my thing. Thumper on the other hand, I'm all about.

In any case, I very much enjoyed the meal and the company. Most of the time when going out with vendors, the discussion ends up sticking firmly on the sales pitch, with them taking the opportunity to try to finesse more of your company's money out of you. Alternately, it devolves into testosterone-laden frat house antics and you realize that you're sitting across the table from a sleazy salesman or a socially inept engineer. Better to have the sales pitch.

Last night had none of that. We talked shop, but also travel, food and wine. It was fun.

What was interesting to me about Jake's and Manayunk was how early it seemed to shut down. We were seated around 7pm and the house was three quarters full, by 9:30pm, there were only 2 other tables wrapping up their meals. It struck me because I've found recently that Tammi and I have been going out Thursday nights more often than Friday nights in the last couple months. With Tammi's marathon training, most of the time we don't even end up being seated until 9pm and the restaurants still have steady crowds.

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