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Nasville: Rippy's

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Rippy's Smokin' Bar + Grill sprawls. The ground floor space takes up two extended store front, each with it's own bar, one with an eating space, the other with pool tables. Upstairs is third bar and a patio, which I'm sure would be a lot more pleasant on a warmer day.

The service isn't so great, think 40 minutes and still no food. But then a million people - myself included - just dropped in a block away for a conference that they hadn't expected, so they were totally slammed. It happens.

The important thing is the food.

And by that criterion, it's a total disappointment.

A list of offenses after the jump...

-The wings were tough. They weren't over cooked. They looked really good, actually. They were plump and the sauce was as it should be. But the meat was just tough.

-The ribs were dried out. Nearly all the moisture was gone, except somehow they managed to retain grease.

-The sausage slices were so mushy that it melted off my plastic fork. You could mash it into a puree if that weren't totally disgusting.

-This may be something I just don't know about, but what's the deal with the blocks of cheese? There were three or four blocks of solid cheddar. I don't know why.

-The slices of pork loin were actually alright. The meat wasn't entirely dried out, which is surprising for most pork loin. Usually that cut has to be brined and slathered in something to keep keep it from turning to cardboard. It also had a nice dollop of a smokey chili sauce on top of it that I particularly enjoyed.

Sadly, that's the best thing I can say about the experience.

In short, it kind of sucked. The onion rings were fine, but I've never been a huge onion ring fan, so even that wasn't particularly gratifying. I'm hoping the rest of my meals are improvements on this one. I'm on the hunt for pulled pork next.


429 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 244-7477

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