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Governor's Island

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Tammi just joined up with the running group, "Powered By Dim Sum" that our friend Betty is a part of. Her first run with them was out on Governor's Island a couple weekends back. I had been wanting to see the island since they opened it up to the public a year ago, so I tagged along to do a little exploring.

The strongest feeling I had was that I had been transported to my college campus. Which makes sense, since many of the buildings were probably built around the same period. We got there relatively early, before it got crowded, so it was peaceful and mostly empty. The only reminders were the occasional glimpses of the skyscrapers in manhattan or the waterfront in brooklyn.

It was a fairly short trip, so I didn't see a whole lot of the island. A friend is having a birthday picnic out there in a couple weeks, so we'll probably go again after Tammi's race if she's not too wiped out. . There's a Castle Williams that I want to get a look at as well as the insides of some of the quarters.


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