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Tsukiji Fish Market

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On our first morning here, we got up obscenely early in the morning and headed out to see Tsukiji Fish Market. The cab driver dropped us off in front of a loading area where trucks sped in every few seconds. We had no idea which way we were supposed to go, so we decided to just start walking the direction the trucks were going.

If we had taken five steps to the left, we would have seen a sign, with a map of the market and the warning:

"The Market is crowded with lots of trucks and special vehicles and people.
Be careful not to be injured all the time please"

Eric forwarded me an article on the fish market, so I had heard a bit about the 'special vehicles' in question. The writer, Nick Tosches, describes them:

"Old, diesel-fueled turrets; new, battery-powered turrets: every one of them driven by a single standing man who seems invariably to have both hands occupied with lighting up a smoke rather than with steering as he careens round and among the other vehicles that lurch and speed every which way, a surprise at every turn, over the bloody cobblestones amid the pedestrian traffic of the rest of the 60,000 or so people who work at Tsukiji."

'Careen' is the key word. Seemingly oblivious to everything around them, these guys zipped around the market, in and out of the tightest of turns and scaring the hell out of Tammi.

We wandered around the stalls, taking pictures of fish, vaguely feeling as though we didn't belong there. We turned around before finding the tuna auction, which is the big deal of the experience. Giant flash-frozen tuna is auctioned off to restaurants and shipped around the world.

I'm still holding out that we may make another trip there before we head home. We'll see.


I sent Eric that article! I want credit!

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