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Going to Shibuya after a few days in Kyoto was a shock.

The only way I can think of to describe the area would be to combine the lights and crowds of Times Square, the stores (and crowds) of Herald Square and the bars and vibe of the East Village. Except more so. More lights, more people, more stores, more noise, more everything. It was the most overwhelming experience we had in Japan.

The plan was to walk around and get an idea of the area, find a bar, have a couple drinks and take in everything. That's not quite how it happened...
As soon as we hit Shibuya crossing, the famous intersection where hundreds cross every few minutes, we were swept away.

We got caught up with no bearings of where anything was or where we were going. There was no slowing down to look around and of course, there were no street signs to refer to.

Eventually we found ourselves in a small alley with a little breathing room. I started noticing all the graffiti up on the walls from artists I've only read about in books, some I still can't name them all. I shot pieces from Pez and Monsieur Andre while trying to avoid getting run over by the trucks that squeeze through the narrow roads through all the people.

After an hour or two out, we fled to the hotel. At that moment, I think we both wondered why the hell we decided to stay there.

The next morning I got up early and went shooting before the crowds descended on the area. I got a lay of the land a bit better and we had a much easier time the rest of the weekend. We spent the rest of our weekend in Shibuya wandering around, eating and shopping for souvenirs. I'll post a couple of the more interesting prizes I brought back soon.

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