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The first four days in Tokyo were so much fun that neither of us were really excited about going to Kyoto. Everyone we knew who'd been there insisted that we have to go, but we didn't really know much about what was there besides a bunch of temples and shrines. That all sounded well and good, but running around Kyoto, temple-hopping didn't sound so exciting.

We managed to see some culture despite ourselves and we were very glad we did. In particular, Nijo Castle was worth walking through a downpour to see. If nothing else, I had to check out the 'Nightingale floors' with floorboards that chirp when you step on them, just in case there are ninjas about. You can never be too careful.

Beyond that though, we did as we always do: ate well, drank well and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

Kyoto was a total change of pace from Tokyo. First of all, it's population is at most an eighth of the size.
Also, English was a lot more common there, enough so that we barely had to deal with language issues while there at all. Other issues, like figuring out where we were and where the banks were turned out to be much more pressing.

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