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Talk Radio

I can count on one hand the number of broadway shows I've been to. I often hear about plays (never musicals) that I might be interested in seeing, but I rarely end up actually going. So, when Tammi offered to get a couple tickets to TalkRadio, I was psyched that one of us had some follow through.

I really wanted to see 12 Angry Men but ended up missing it. I had heard great things about Liev Schrieber's performance in it. He managed to beat out some really talented folks, including fellow castmembers for the Tony that year.

I don't know a lot about theatre and I mostly know Bogosian as the new captain on Law & Order: CI. Regardless, I obviously have an opinion on the show, however uninformed.

I enjoyed it, but I thought there were a couple of areas where it could have benefited from some subtlety on the actors' parts.

The biggest example of this is the drunken cataclysm in the end. It's very well done. Tammi said he really seemed like he was plastered up there. To me, the problem was that he was never tipsy. There was no transition in most of the major things that happened in the play. It was like a switch was flipped and everything turned upside down.

The other complaint was Stephanie March, who I also know from Law & Order. She clearly hasn't adjusted to the stage. Instead of projecting her first several lines, she seemed to be yelling at us. She did get better over the course of the show.


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