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Flicks: The Apartment

Forgive me for being surprised that Shirley Maclaine was once a hotty. I had no idea. By the time I heard of her, she was a punch line. It’s always interesting to see how New York is portrayed in Movies. Yiddish is strewn about left and right. He’s called a shlub and told to be a mensch.

Lemmon plays the pathetic sap pretty well. The inspiration for Old Gil from The Simpsons apparently has more history than ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ – which I still haven’t seen. He goes along to get along, doing whatever his bosses want him to do. Speaking of his bosses, nearly all of them were in one television show or another. My Favorite Martian, My Three Sons, and Bewitched were all represented in them managerial staff. Fred McMurray played a real prick very well.

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