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Settling In

This is going to be a week of firsts.

Today, I did my rush hour commute for the first time. Sunday night, I took a taxi to our new home for the first time. I didn't know where to turn, or how many blocks we'd be going.

Trial and error is everywhere. The washer and dryer we ordered wouldn't fit in the house, much less the basement. We have to order a smaller one. The couch in the living room is bigger than we thought, we have to rearrange things, maybe even buy a new one.

Meanwhile, we're making progress with the unpacking. I still don't know where half of my things are, but there's progress. This morning I dug through boxes to find some speakers so I could listen to npr and begin my morning ritual in my room. In the bedroom, Tammi watched NY1, her preferred way to start the day. One regular point of contention solved already.

There's a lot to be figured out, tons of progress left to be made, but everything is already starting to come together.


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