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Last night Tammi and I met up with a friend for dinner at DuMont in Williamsburg. It seems like a really cool place. We definitely want to go back. I'll write more about it next time. For now, here's a quick rundown...

I started out with a Duck Confit Risotto, which was thick and creamy. It had the perfect amount of meat mixed in, with shreddings of duck in every bite.

I followed up with the DuMac n Cheese, one of their signature dishes. The cheeses are cheddar, gruyere and parmesan. A gooey layer of cheese coated the top of the bowl and dripped over the edges. The cheese had been burnt with a torch or under the broiler. It almost looked like creme brulee. The crispyness of the burnt cheese added a slight bitterness to the flavor. The macaroni itself was fine, a little too soft in texture, but then you eat mac n cheese for the pasta. The cheese mixed in with it was a creamy white sauce that coated my tongue as I ate it.

I was still pretty full from yesterday's lunch, so I don't know how I managed to eat as much of that starchy meal as I did. When I couldn't eat another macaroni shell, I peeled off the last of the cheesy coating and finished off my meal.

I was so absorbed into my meal that I didn't even steal a taste of Tammi's Braised Short Ribs, but she enjoyed it. She also enjoyed the parsnip puree that came with it, but was afraid it might not be diet-friendly. She finished off with a side of sauteed spinach.

Our friend, Laura told us that the brunch there is fantastic as well. We will definitely have to go check it out.

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I hear DuMont is good times and good food. I have been meaning to get over there. Thanks for the review.

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