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DITC: Usual Suspects

I remember the album, Vendetta, was supposed to be Mic Geronimo's big comeback. Unfortunately, the lead single turned out to be his own Flava in ya Ear remix. DMX came out of nowhere and outshined him on his own track. What I didn't remember was that Jadakiss was on it too. This was back before the Lox album, I think. He took a little while to catch everyone's attention. I remember my friends and I jumping on All for the Love, when their album came out. I wonder if we even noticed that it was the same dude who was on this track.

These days I rarely listen to new music, so I haven't heard much Jadakiss in a while, but I do know that he got pretty damn big since I got out of school. Sadly, I haven't heard anything at all about Mic Geronimo. Just like Craig Mack, no one has heard from him in a long time. According to AllMusic, he's released two albums since, one just this year. I guess there's still a chance he'll blow up. I wouldn't recommend he use too many unknown guest stars this time around.

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For some reason I heard the flava in ya ear remix before the original, so you can imagine my surprise when I was told that Craig Mack was not some last minute add on to this legendary posse cut, but actually the original MC on the track.

The word outshined doesn't do what happened to that poor man on his remix justice.

haha. It's true, I was being generous. He was going to be the headliner at Bad Boy until Big arrived. Then he got kicked to the curb - on his own song. So sad.

A friend and I had the same conversation regarding Mic Geronimo and Craig Mack--pre and post Flava remix--one day before reading your post. Needless to say, we definitely agreed with you and Mike in regards to being outshined. Once Diddy said "You know we've gotta do a remix, right?", Mack should've started thinking about another line of work.


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