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Apartment Hunt: Finished?


Before it's even begun, the hunt might be over.

Yesterday we saw an apartment 2 blocks away from where I grew up and a block from where Tammi lived when we first started dating.

The price is at exactly the top of our range, which has us paying about what we're paying now. That alone ought to be enough to tank it, but it's got some major things going for it.

It's got the usual frills of a new reno: new appliances, new bath, new heating system. It also has a second bathroom, a dishwasher, and a washer/dryer hookup in the basement. The basement that we'd have exclusive access to.

Seriously. Who has that?

Read on to find out why I've fallen for this place after the jump...

They are still working on it, but the majority of the reno is done. We'd be able to move in for April 1st, which is the soonest we might possibly be able to get moved anyway.

I feel stupid even hesitating. But where there are great amenities, there's also a decent sized barrier. The new furnaces are for each apartment and the heat and hot water are not included. Now if you aren't from nyc, that may seem normal, but in new york, heat is always included. It kind of balances out the exorbitant rents we pay. This just adds to the higher rent, which we weren't so happy with. We don't even have any scale for how much heat costs, so figuring out what that means for our monthly bills is difficult.

I'm also nervous because this is really the second place we've seen. I'm a big believer in considering all of the options. I hate to go into something so permanent without knowing what else is out there.

But seriously, full basement access and a washer/dryer hookup. And a dishwasher. And a second bathroom.

It's crazy!

Shockingly, Tammi is the voice of reason here. She points out a couple real issues. The rooms are not so big. Not tiny, but hardly spacious. The living room is maybe 8 x 12, the second bedroom (my space) is about the same size, maybe slightly smaller. And the bedroom is maybe 10x12 with bay windows (and a walk in closet).

The windows aren't big outside of the bedroom so it's not super bright, although there are half size windows in all the other rooms. The place has nothing original to it. There are no details and not a lot in the way of character. It's not gorgeous, but it's incredibly functional.

We both think the yard is perfect. Just enough gardening space for me to handle without weeds taking over and enough paved space for the grills and a set of tables and chairs.

I have no idea where I'm going with this post, mostly because I have no idea what we're going to decide....


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