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Philadelphia: DiNic's


If you read my philly guide, you may have picked up on my minor obsession with Philly's Roast Pork sandwich. The big problem is that the most famous roast pork places, Tony Luke's and John's Roast Pork are less than accessible to those of us without a car.

While looking for something that was a bit more central, I found DiNic's in Reading Terminal Market. Philadelphia magazine called it the best roast pork in Philly. Clearly I had to try it.

Now Reading on a Saturday is not exactly quiet or peaceful. It's jammed with people and chaotic. I'm a lifelong New Yorker, but I hate crowds. They drive me crazy. I get edgy and agitated when I'm surrounded by a thousand other people jostling and bumping me.

So when we got in there and found 2 dozen people in line to order from DiNic's, I was ready to leave. Tammi wasn't having it. She said, "didn't we come here just for this?"
She was right.
Thankfully I gave in and we got in line. It moved pretty quickly and I managed to refrain from swinging on anyone, even the dude behind me who seemed to be hanging onto me the whole time.

I would have missed out on some serious porky goodness if I had ditched.

Details after the jump...

IMG_2525 More pics here.

The meat was moist and tender, soaked with its own juices. It was topped with sauteed spinach, tossed with red pepper flakes. Underneath it all was a layer of flaked provolone cheese. The cheese wasn't melted and seemed more like parmesan or romano. It added a sharp bite to the overall flavor. The roll was the exact size needed to complement the filling. It was thick enough to stand up to the juice from the meat and the spinach without falling apart, yet not so big that you had to fight through it to get to the meat.

Now I have another place I need to return to before we leave.

Reading Terminal Market
1136 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 923-6175


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Please identify yourself the next time you're in the Reading Terminal! Your article and beautiful pictures of our roasted pork sandwich are well appreciated. Thank you for all the wonderful things that you wrote about us! We never tire of hearing such compliments - please come again!
Tommy and Joe Nicolosi

I can't believe your article and those pictures of the pork sandwich! The hands carving the meat belong to my son Joe.
I forwarded the article to my family and all my friends who live out of town so they see what they're missing.
Thank you for coming to the Market.
Please come back and try the Philly Best brisket sandwich and pulled pork at DiNic's. Wife of owner, Cecelia Nicolosi

Thanks to you guys for supplying some great sandwiches. I'll definitely check out the brisket next time!

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