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Flicks: Bullitt

An interesting cop story with some good twists. I had only seen one other Steve McQueen movie, the Great Escape, which I enjoyed. McQueen is the strong, silent type. At least in the two movies I’ve seen him; he wasn’t much of a talker. I can’t think of many actors who have a similar style. Maybe Paul Newman, but I haven’t seen many of his movies. Certainly no contemporary actors are quite so subtle.

Someone had told me how great the car chase was, but I was pretty disappointed. I admit I enjoyed watching them take some of those San Francisco hills at high speed. But the camera spent too much time in the cars. The point of a car chase is not to watch the people in the car glowering at each other, it’s to see them do crazy shit and cause major property damage. I also got very tired of hearing the engines humming. For 10 minutes the whole soundtrack was: “Vroom. Vroooooooom. Vroom. Vroooooom” as they switched back and forth between cars. It was kind of unnecessary, I thought. The French Connection has become my gold standard for car chases. This didn’t get any where close to that to me.

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